The Hey-Ya Brothers


The Hey-Ya Brothers Show
This full-length show is the Brothers at their best. The simplest tasks sometimes become the greatest confrontations. With a mixture of classic comedy, slapstick, magic, and music, The Hey-Ya Brothers create a memorable show full of laughs. (45 minutes)


Who knew simply saying hello could be so painful? TADA is a slapstick battle royale for the approval and applause of the audience. (Run Time 5-8 minutes)

Musetta’s Waltz
The beautiful melody from La Boheme as only the Brothers can play it. Joel’s lilting saxophone combined with Chris’s sledgehammer trombone creates a musical act of epic proportion. Everything conspires to make the task comically impossible from the notes, the musicians, even the instruments themselves. (Run Time 8-10 minutes)

Three Card Monte
The classic game of chance where the audience is asked to “Chase the Ace”. Joel and Chris present a giant Three Card Monte where the audience tries to beat the Brothers by picking the Ace. The surprise ending must be seen to be believed. (Run Time 5 minutes)

Balloon Battle
Chris attempts an act on his own: The needle through the balloon trick. Joel is outraged that his partner would break from the act and insists on doing the trick as well. Tempers flare and balloons fly in this slapstick magic routine. (Run Time 5 minutes)